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Getting started with OrganisedMinds

by Martin Blaha, published 2014-02-12

Make the first step yourself.

There is no other way.

Everything big needs to start small. The most efficient way to adapt new processes is by starting as a one or two man show. There are two main reasons for why this is a best-practice approach:

For you

"Start small, with just your most important items, and your learn curve will explode."

For your teamwork

"People need to see something working to get exited. This way you avoid the "I believe this is a good solution" discussion to convince them."

When you and your team start, focus just on one topic first. Pick something important but small.

1. Your first steps

Start with notes.

Start taking notes and describing what's on your mind. Getting your head free of stuff is an excellent productivity boost. Once you head is clean start planning your next undertaking.

Create a workspaces for ideas and an another one for the staff you need to get done.

Within your Idea workspace start collecting your notes. Either by using the virtual workspace desktop or by sending notes as Emails to the Idea workspace. Whatever is faster or more convenient for you.

Organise the workspace with your todos / deliverables / items along some structure which in your case makes sense most. If you're just sorting out your todos, use Stacks as categories. Have some Stacks for your personal todos too. Don't over-organize by creating too many workspaces at the beginning. You want to move around fast.

2. Use Reminders

Use reminders as a chance to clean your head from something for some time. OrganisedMinds will remind you automatically. Also, due reminders and deadlines are being displayed as red items. This will attract your attention.

Clean your head and get reminded on invoice due dates, important milestones or status changes automatically.

3. Share Information

Start by sending people public links to your OrganisedMinds items.

Start with items whose content is interesting for them and you want to provide access to. The information they'll see is lmited. Please note that sharing files is only possible among users of OrganisedMinds.

4. Start Collaborating

Create a shared Workspace for your team buddies.

Start collecting what needs to get done first.

Start planning by defining what exactly needs to get done. Then plan your strategy how to get there. Use Stacks as important milestones and collect on those all items which need to get done till then. It's been a good stakeholder practice to have all people involved in this phase.

5. Managing Work

When creating action items / deliverables decide on next step instantly:

Use title and description to provide enough info for later reference and define the next step as new comment.

Dispatch work:

Define who'll be responsible for delivery.

Having just one person responsible for the delivery has proven in the past as a good approach to make things happen. This is the person you'll delegating the activity to.

Set reminders and deadlines:

Agree when to get back to this item and set the reminder to this date.

OrganisedMinds will remind you when it's due and will put it on your agenda. Use the Email report to receive daily summaries. A great morning coffee lecture.

6. Updating Items

Keep people in the loop.

Use the comment function to post updates, to place questions, to discuss, to decide and to just keep people in the loop.

Move items within a workspace according to their progress.

If you've setup your Stacks along the phases or milestones of your undertaking, visualize the progress by moving the items to the next Stack.

Use the Archive to file finished items.

7. Finishing the work

"Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei." Except a sausage who has two everything has one end, according to a german saying.

Once your undertaking or project is over, there'll be usually some items left. Some of them can be closed some might need to get done later on. Move these items to an another workspace and close this one. It's a good feeling to get finally something closed.

Finished items are being archived by default.

8. Discover new functionality as you go

OrganisedMinds offers you some great functionality out of the box but has so much more to offer.

We hope OrganisedMinds will provide you the functionality just where you'd expect to have it.

Happy organising,

Martin Blaha

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