About the Company

OrganisedMinds GmbH, based in Karlsruhe, Germany was founded January 2011 by IT- and Organisational Consultants Diarmuid Daltún and Martin Blaha, to develop the Organisational Solution for Managers and Teams, of which they always dreamed.

OrganisedMinds is a Business Management & Collaboration Software solution for teams and individuals to easily coordinate their activities while keeping a good overview of what’s going on.

The approach, is to reduce the complexity of the business world and in particular of everyday tasks into manageable visible stacks not only sets OrganisedMinds apart from the competition but also reduces the learning curve to make it understandable and usable by all.

About the Management Team

Diarmuid Daltun

Co-Founder and CEO

Diarmuid was born in Ireland and since 1998 he has worked as a consultant (mostly project and configuration management) to the Telco und IT industries in many countries, until he settled in Karlsruhe, Germany with his family in 2007. There he met his co-founder Martin Blaha during his tenure as Head of SaaS und Business Development for 1&1 Internet AG.

Martin Blaha

Co-Founder and COO

Martin is marketing and product management expert in the fields of I.T. and Telecommunications with more than fifteen years of experience in the international arena. Most recently, as Head of Business Operations at 1&1 Internet AG, he was responsible for strategy alignment, rolling forecast, development performance and business goals delivery.

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