Plans and Pricing

OrganisedMinds is available as SaaS or Enterprise Edition

OM Basic Account

  • 2 workspaces (1 personal / 1 shared)
  • 1 GB of space
  • Standard feature set
  • 20 MB file attachment size
  • Email support

The OM Basic Account is designed for employees, non-managers and/or external partners.

€ 0,- / month

OM Pro Account

  • Up to 100 workspaces
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • 10 GB of web space
  • Basic feature set
  • Pro feature set
  • 200 MB file attachment size
  • Email support

The OM Pro Account is perfect for managers, freelancers, small business owners and team leads.

€ 50,- / year

All prices are net (excluding applicapable taxes)

OM Enterprise

  • Runs on your server
  • Phone and e-mail support
  • Optional User Training
  • Optional Customization (e.g. SSO)

The Enterprise edition of OrganisedMinds is great for customers who want to keep the data on their own servers.

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OM Basic Feature Set (free)


  • 1 personal and 1 shared workspace
  • Up to 5 collaborators inside your shared workspace
  • Set own workspace backgrounds
  • Use Stacks to visualy organise Activities
  • Switch between workspace views: work structure, people workload, time and progress
  • Drag & Drop everywhere
  • Archive for finished activities
  • Trash bin for deleted activities
  • Workspace settings
    • Define wherever other wprkspace members may invite people to join
    • Allow individual worspace wallpaper


  • Add rich text formatted, detailed description
    • Full Screen Mode - destruction free editing
  • Delegate work to your collaborators or to any Email address
  • Activity attributes to use for managing items
    • Dead line, Reminder
    • Progress in %, Priority
    • Working package size
    • Karma (+1 / -1)
  • Comment and discuss directly inside your working items
  • Attach any file (up to 20MB)
  • Receive Email notifications on important events
  • Share work items with people outside of OrganisedMInds


  • Real time updates
  • Available in English and in German language
  • NEW Mobile App for Android (iOS to follow soon)
  • Supporting multiple currencies with real-time conversion
  • Global search function
  • Encrypted communication via https
  • Data center in Germany

OM Pro Feature Set

Collaboration features

  • Create and share up to 100 Workspaces
  • Collaborate with unlimited number of people
  • Upload large documents (up to 200MB)
  • NEW Email Integration: Send Emails incl. attachments to OrganisedMinds
    • Create new activities by Email
    • Comment activities by Email
    • Send Emails to your Workspace in order to create new activities
  • Delegate Activities to people outside of a shared Workspace in order to collaborate with others without giving them full access to your Workspace
  • Public access for activities. Provide public links to OrganisedMinds items for external collaborators

Management features

  • Additional activity attributes:
    • NEW Revenue & Costs - incl. built-in mulit-currency support and sums in your overviews
    • NEW Task list - split activities into chunks of work
  • Access People Dashbaord to see the global workfload
  • Move Activities between Workspaces and simulate simple processes
  • NEW Business Ticketing: Forward Emails to your workflow
  • NEW Outboxes: Link workspace together
  • Advanced Workspace settings:
    • Take over Activities in your Workspaces in order to re-assign them
    • Allow workspace members to customize their activity appearance
    • Workspace members may customize their workspace appearance

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