Collaborate, communicate, share.

Great for any kind of organisational challenge

Coordinate work within your team or project with OrganisedMinds, a simple system that tracks what needs to get done.

Create a workspace for each organisational topic: collaborate with people in multiple locations, coordinate project teams, manage contracts, follow-up on sales leads or just share tasks and ideas with your team. OrganisedMinds easily adapts to reflect the way you naturally work.

Global Dashbaords

Share Tasks, Ideas, Files or even the way you work

Track ideas, report status, delegate and assign work packages. You can even request sign-off too.

With OrganisedMinds you can delegate Activities to your colleagues, business partners or acquaintances. All you need is a valid email address. Keep track of responsibilities and deliverables.

Adjust workload, assign people, specify deadlines. OrganisedMinds keeps track of the status. Who is currently responsible? You will know at a glance! Monitor progress (or lack thereof) and deliverables. Comment on tasks or upload related information.

OrganisedMinds Arbeitsraum

Just like your office, but tidy!

Navigate your complicated business world easily with our intuitive interface. See progress in real-time.

With OrganisedMinds, you track your Activities in Workspaces. Invite others to shared workspaces and structure the work on your virtual desktop. Logically group activities, monitor the progress and workload. Because it's a Web App, everybody in your workspace instantly sees the change and the current status, even if they are miles away!

OrganisedMinds Workspace Desktop

Smart solutions for everyday business challenges

OrganisedMinds turns everyone into an organisational professional.


All in one place.

In order to work together, you and your team need a place to collaborate. In OrganisedMinds a team works inside virtual workspaces. Create a Workspace for every business challenge, invite other to join it and start getting the work done.


Ensure what has been agreed is getting done.

Activities always have an owner: either the person who created this activity or it's the person the activity has been delegated to. This way you always know who's responsible. Delegate, assign deadlines, set reminders and priority, describe what is to be done in detail, attach relevant files. Comment on the progress so others know what's going on.


The business compass.

Use the Global Dashboard as your starting point. Dive from here into any Workspace or detail of your interest. The overall Workspace overview is just a click away and you'll see all the workspaces you are member of and its respective activities. You can even choose to look at the statistics from your personal perspective or from the perspective of the Workspace manager. Browse through your Activities like you would do Emails within your Inbox, engage in the News Stream and access global people Workload.

News Streams

Understand what's happening right now.

Comment your progress or just keep others in the loop by commenting the activity status. Inform about your ideas, recent news or the last phone call you had on behalf of this work item. You and your team can stay up to date by reviewing the Workspace or the Global News Stream. Instantly provide your feedback by +1 or -1 the comments of others.

Email Notifications

Stay tuned in.

OrganisedMinds allows you to individually configure on which occasions you'll get notified by Email. This way you don’t miss any important event anymore. Get notified when reminders are due, when someone delegates you an activity, comments on your activity or sends you his activity result to sign off. Turn on the daily report to get notified about todays deadlines and reminders.

Email Integration NEW

Include Email in your workflow.

Use OrganisedMinds as your smart personal assistant and forward your Emails to OrganisedMinds in order to follow up on them. OrganisedMinds automatically convert them into action items for you. Doesn't matter wherever you're forwarding notes, ideas, travel expanses receipts, incoming invoices or any other business relevant content. By forwarding an Email to OrganisedMinds you make sure it's included in your individual workflow.

Smartphones and Tablets

Take your OrganisedMinds with you.

Access your OrganisedMinds items on your Smartphone or Tablet. This way you have all important information always with you and can access it while you're on the road. It is not necessary to install a native App on your mobile device. Just use the browser on your mobile, visit and sign-in with your credentials.

Workflows BETA

Automate business processes.

Share the way you work with others with OM-Workflows. Choose a Workflow template form our store, configure it to match your scenario and share it with your employees, co-workers, project team, suppliers etc. This way you ensure that your business process flows exactly the way you want. How many invoices outstanding? Make sure the invoice is always approved by the right person and that they are paid on time. Avoid nasty collection letters that may jeopardise your credit rating, while still keeping the cash in your business account as long as possible. OrganisedMinds keeps an eye on the process and reminds you when action is required.

OM Basic Feature Set


  • Create and share Workspaces instantly
  • Set own workspace backgrounds
  • Use Stacks to visualy organise Activities
  • Switch between workspace views: work structure, people workload, time and progress
  • Drag & Drop everywhere
  • Define who may invite other people to join


  • Add rich text formatted, detailed description
  • Delegate work to your collaborators or to any Email address
  • Comment and discuss directly inside your working items
  • Provide feedback by using thumb up / thumb down
  • Set target dates and reminders
  • Attach any file
  • Receive Email notifications on important events
  • Share work items with people outside of OrganisedMInds


  • Real time updates
  • Available in English and in German language
  • Encrypted communication via https
  • Data center in Germany

OM Pro Feature Set

Collaboration features

  • Create and share up to 100 Workspaces
  • Collaborate with unlimited number of people
  • NEU Email Integration: Send Emails incl. attachments to OrganisedMinds
    • Create new activities by Email
    • Comment activities by Email
    • Send Emails to your Workspace in order to create new activities
  • Delegate Activities to people outside of a shared Workspace in order to collaborate with others without giving them full access to your Workspace

Management features

  • Access People Dashbaord to see the global workfload
  • Move Activities between Workspaces and simulate simple processes
  • Advanced Workspace settings:
    • Take over Activities in your Workspaces in order to re-assign them
    • Allow workspace members to customize their activity appearance
    • Workspace members may customize their workspace appearance

Now, let's get you started!

All new customers will be given a free 30 days test drive of the OM Pro functionallity!

1. OrganisedMinds enables you to create a workspace solution to any business challenge. Regardless of whether you need to organise project teams, contracts, contractors, purchases, business workflows, applications or anything else – with OrganisedMinds you feel the flow!

2. Create new tasks and assign them to your team members, other divisions or external contractors within seconds!

3. With OrganisedMinds you will keep track on everything anytime. Who is currently on a task? You will know! Any upcoming deadlines? OrganisedMinds color-codes your tasks and shows a timeline of deadlines. Everything you need to monitor, you get it on one click!

4. Start engines and become captain of your fast project, who just needs a few clicks to sail around critical paths and to clap on all the success factors. Use the calendar feature to set milestones and deadlines comfortably. Or monitor your project using the activity-log feature and adjust task priorities instantly if needed.

5. Crew members need your input? Write comments for every task or even attach files.

6. Board your project and alter on successful course now and for free!

Get Started for Free! No obligation, no credit card required.