Working with external partners

Collaboration across company borders

Cooperations managed the easy way.


Your Contractor signed the agreement and business is ready to take off. Cooperation with external partners is daily business for a lot of companies. You might think of:

  • Advertising agencies running an ad campaign for a customer
  • Manufacturers providing their distributors with important Lead Information
  • Project heads having to manage product development processes with external contractors
  • And many more ...

Your challenges are on their way, get prepared! How to manage your external partners simple and fast? How to monitor the huge amount of tasks in no time? Where to share important documents for easy access for all involved?


OrganisedMinds is your tool to save time for yourself and for your partners. Save time managing external contractors. You get all information you need within one click. Delegate tasks within seconds. OrganisedMinds provides a virtual meeting point for your business colaboration.


Create workspace – You are able to create workspaces for every single contractor to manage them in one tool seperately.

Form your team – Use drag&drop to add contractors to your workspace. They get automatic access to all needed features and will be productive instantly!

Fill backlog stack – Add new tasks within one click and gather them until assignment to contractors.

Structure and restructure - Create new stacks, use drag&drop to move and order tasks between stacks to provide a quick overview for everyone involved.

Assign tasks – Additional to assignment within seconds, OrganisedMinds enables you to comment tasks, to set deadlines via calender feature and even to attach files.

Track progress – Track who is on which tasks, upcoming deadlines and finished tasks, using stack slider (switch between “All Stacks” or “People”), archive feature or color coded tasks (green: in time ; red: alert ; blue: task for you).


OrganisedMinds enables companies to save a lot of time managing external contractors and to increase productivity. There is no faster and easier way to assign tasks to external partners. Everybody involved will be on track, every time. No more expensive reports! Save time and money. You will enjoy it!

Managing agile projects can be very easy with the right know how and the right tools! Sign-up for OrganisedMinds today for free and please let us know should you have any questions regarding how to manage agile projects in your organisation.

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