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Bills, bills, bills. All of us frequently receive bills and invoices that need to be checked and paid, either via email or by snail-mail, the good old post. With OrganisedMinds, you can simplify this process significantly with automated approvals and monitoring of due dates. Never miss a payment again!


Today, businesses receive bills and invoices by email, many still arrive by post. Although every business small, medium and large face the same challenge, every organisations deals with the same process differently. Intrays, dropbox, shared exchange folders and many other variants are frequently used to solve an age old challenge of maintaining visibility of bills and invoices to be paid, their due dates, not to mention approval processes, solved by various expensive and complex software. We show with this example, how OrganisedMinds gives every business a simple yet effective and efficient way of dealing with bills and invoices.


Create a new Workspace in OrganisedMinds, invite colleagues who are involved in the invoice/book-keeping process - (office) management, accounting etc. and ensure they all save the email address of the Workspace to their addressbook, so that all can forward invoices by email to the Workspace.

The emails will automagically be coverted to activities and due dates and reminders can be set.

Setup in Detail

  • New Workspace Create a new workspace in which to manage your bills and invoices
  • Set Workspace Rules In workspace settings, you can set how activities are handled. Set the check-mark "Allow all workspace members to take over", if you would like others (e.g. assistants or accountants) to grab activities to process them.
  • Setup Stacks For good visual orientation, we suggest you create the following stacks: Approval Required, To be Paid, Paid. Incoming invoices always land on the Inbox and can then be moved onto the correct stack.
  • Set Workspace Background Using the "Workspace Settings", you can choose a custom workspace background and can set whether your colleagues can customise it or have to live with the choice you have made!
  • Invite People Invite your colleagues using the "Workspace Members" dialogue in the Workspace Settings and share the email address of the Workspace with them, so that they can also forward bills and invoices to the Workspace

Agree with your colleagues how to deal with incoming bills and invoices. Once you have agreed on your preferred process, create an activity on the Inbox Stack in the Incoming Invoices workspace with an appropriate name (e.g. as "Invoice-Rules") in which you document that which you have agreed upon.

Our Tip: Nominate a person from your team to keep an eye on the Incoming Invoices Workspace that will decide whether a particular bill or invoice needs to be passed on to a specific colleague or if the the invoice can be paid without further ado. We suggest you set an Invoice-Amount to help decide.

This is how you will handle incoming invoices

If bills or invoices land in either your own mailbox or that of your colleagues, proceed as followd:

  • Forward Emails Forward the email to the email-address of the appropriate Workspace. It's best to add this email-address to your addressbook. You can optionally CC your colleague who looks after bills and invoices for your organisation.
  • Check Bills and Invoices The individual nominated to keep an eye on the Incoming Invoices Workspace regularly checks new arrivals and decides on the next step, especially whether someone needs to approve the invoice. If this is the case (i.e. if the amount on the invoice is more than usually permitted) the invoice is delegated to someone in a position to decide.
  • Make Note of the Due-Date Every bill or invoice has a due-date. Use the Reminder field to note the due-date. OrganisedMinds will remind you when this date has arrived.
  • Make Note of the Status Use the comment function to make a note of decisions or the status of questions and answers regarding bills and invoices.
  • Daily-Report Should you wish, OrganisedMinds can produce a daily report and send it to you at a specified time every day to remind you of upcoming due-dates. This can be set in the notifications tab of your profile.

Invoices received by post should be scanned and then sent by email to the Incoming Invoices Workspace.

In Conclusion

With OrganisedMinds and a simple process, you can look after incoming invoices together with your organisation. For those involved, not much changes except for the fact that incoming invoices are emailed to the Incoming Invoices Workspace. Your administrative staff will love you for making their lives easier and all involved will have a clear overview. One last tip:

Third parties: If questions should arise to an invoice or bill that can only be answered by a person who does not have access to the workspace, you can activate the "Enable Public Link" function to allow access from outside. Turn off the public access when it is no longer needed.

Happy organising!

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