Organising Business Trips and Travel Expenses

Business Trips and Travel Expenses made easy


Show me someone who enjoys the administrative side of business travel and I'll show you a pink elephant! We show you how with just a smartphone, email and OrganisedMinds, you can look forward to your next business outing without dreading the paperwork afterwards.


In this example, we describe how you or your colleagues can organise all facets of your business travel, gather and forward all receipts to accounting or department secretary, who can then easily reimburse you. The receipts are collected in the context of an activity, which represents the current business trip.


Create a new Workspace in OrganisedMinds and invite colleagues who frequently travel for business purposes. Create an activity for each business trip. Use the email address of a particular trip to forward receipts during the course of your trip

Emails are automatically converted to comments and any attachments saved as activity attachments. At the end of your trip, you have everything you need to produce an expense-report in one place.

Setup in Detail

  • New Workspace Create a new workspace in which to organise your business trips
  • Set Workspace Rules In workspace settings, you can set how activities are handled. Set the check-mark "Allow all workspace members to take over", if you would like others (e.g. assistants or accountants) to grab activities to process them.
  • Setup Stacks For good visual orientation, create a Stack for each colleague who regularly goes on business trips. This groups the trips and also has the side effect that you can see at a glance, future and current trips.
  • Set Workspace Background Using the "Workspace Settings", you can choose a custom workspace background and can set whether your colleagues can customise it or have to live with the choice you have made!
  • Invite People Invite your travelling and admin-colleagues. Use the "Workspace Settings" dialogue for this.

Our Tip: Agree with your colleagues how to deal with travel expenses. Once you have agreed on your preferred process, create an activity in the Business Trips workspace with an appropriate name (e.g. as "Travel-Rules") in which you document that which you have agreed upon. Everyone can then remind themselves of the rules before embarking on their next trip. You may want to nominate a particular person to ensure people stick to your rules.

How it works

Once you are ready, you can proceed as follows:

  • Create an activity for each trip If you or a colleague are going on a business trip, create a new activity on the appropriate Stack. Make note of the email-address as the receipts will later be forwarded to this address. Add the email address to your address-book.
  • Make note of the travel-plans Make note of the details of the trip in the activity (including start and end) description, use copy&paste, to transfer details from travel websites or emails, attach rail and plane tickets. Set the reminder to remind you of the beginning of travel.
  • Photograph and send receipts When ever your incur expenses while travelling, you can simply photograph the receipt with your smartphone and send the image to the activity previously saved to your address book.
  • Complete Expense-Report When back from your trip, attach any additional receipts and delegate the activity to the designated colleague, who looks after the expense-reports.
  • Deal with queries Use the comment function to clarify any questions that may arise to your travel expenses.

In Conclusion

With OrganisedMinds and a simple process, you can better organise your business trips and travel-expenses. Those who travel will no longer fear the post-travel blues and must only ensure that they photograph and forward their receipts. In addition, the administrative staff will be delighted as all necessary documents are bundled into one operation. One last tip on the subject:

Third parties If questions arise to a journey that can only be answered by a person who does not have access to the workspace, you can activate the "Enable Public Link" function to allow access from outside. Turn off the public access when it is no longer needed.

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