"This is an incredible way to organise in a smooth, simple workflow."
Joe Richards

Collaborate, communicate, share.

1. Getting things done

Whether notes, minutes, ideas or other business information OrganisedMinds makes it easy for you to get things done. The global Dashboards will help you to stay on top of things. Use them as your starting point and dive from here into the detail level.

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2. Share Information and Knowledge

Share documents, files and the your processes too. Organise your Workspaces according to your real workflow. Visually, workspaces are arranged similar to your office desk. This makes it for everybody easy to get around. Attach files to your todos instead sending them by Email. Within a Workspace use Drag & Drop to re-arrange items according to their status. This is easy and fun too!

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3. Collaborate the natural way

Delegate responsibility for tasks, set deadlines or get reminded automatically on due dates. Let your team mates know what you're into and keep them in the loop by commenting the status. With Email notifications turned on everybody stays up to date and can instantly answer by Email. This is great if you're on the road.

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What our customers are saying

"I really, really like this. Very unique, certainly creative, and it seems to work the way my brain likes to organize itself. Thanks."

Samuel NowalskyFreelancer

"This is an INCREDIBLE way to organize workflow in a smooth workspace."

Joe RichardsSmall Business Owner

"I tend to have so many priorities at any given time that it's difficult to keep track of them, but OrganisedMinds lets me stack my most important priorities and track them in a very visual way that makes it easy for me to see at a quick glance what's going on with my team."

Margaret Quin LyonsInfostreet Inc., Support and Parnter Manager